Dolphin Tours

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In a crown already full of sparkling jewels, Socotra’s dolphin tours arguably glitter brightest. Just outside the turquoise waters and dramatic cliff faces of Qalansiyah Bay, spinner and bottle nose dolphins gather in pods that can reach up to two or three hundred in number. The calm and unsullied waters of Socotra provide the perfect haven for these incredible mammals, who will dazzle you with the grace, agility and astonishing jumps and somersaults so breathtaking they almost seem choreographed. This is nature in the raw, pure and beautiful. Got a snorkel mask? Then dive in and swim with the dolphins and listen to the ethereal music of their underwater communication.

Mountain Trekking

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Walk through the only forests in the world composed of the otherworldy Dragon’s Blood tree, hike to the peaks of the Haggier mountains for the view of a lifetime and marvel at the surreal landscape that has been left untainted by the ravages of time. You’ll be surrounded by a range of endemic plant life to rival that of Hawaii and The Galapagas Islands and stare up at crags and precipices that look hand-carved for a Jurassic Park film set.

Amazing People

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The people of Socotra are every bit as welcoming and memorable as the landscape itself. Expect to be greeted with smiles, laughter and kindness and don’t be surprised if you become a spontaneous guest, drinking Socotri tea with the bedouins.


Socotra’s Coastline

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Socotra’s ethereal turquoise waters are practically an invitation. Crystal clear and teeming with coral and marine life, we’re confident that you’ll find the beaches and waters of Socotra the equal of anywhere else the world has to offer. Whether swimming, snorkelling, strolling or simply sunbathing Socotra’s beaches will be the sancutaries that will stay with you for the rest of your life.